Belt For Hernia

Ostomy Belt For Hernia

She wears yoga pants with an ileostomy during her sports.

See how Christy is able to protect her ileostomy when she is at the gym. The hernia belt in this video is best for contact sports like hockey, football, baseball, soccer, etc. The wide ostomy belt is comfortable. The inner microfiber surface wicks away moisture and feels dry while you are working out.

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All include an ostomy bag support belt of your choice.

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Her blue jeans no longer restrict the flow for her ileostomy.

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For women protect her ileostomy with an ostomy hernia wrap. Protection will help create a more confident lifestyle.

Ostomy Care

Use the Stomaplex Equalizer to help improve the bond between the skin and the ostomy appliance. Hold for 10-20 seconds and release.

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