Stoma Guard Review – Video

Stomaplex Stoma Guard for Ostomy Belt

Stomaplex Stoma Guard for Ostomy Belt

Watch this video from Stomaplex to learn more about the three styles of covers. He will demonstrate how to wear or how to put on the belt and guard.

Stoma Guard with Stomaplex Stealth Ostomy Belt Video

Stoma Guard Review With Stealth Ostomy Belt:

The Stomaplex stoma guard is a product I, and many ostomy patients, have been waiting for – finally someone designed a stoma protector that I can recommend to my patients in need. The low profile shield produces a stealth ostomy belt.

There are many reasons why patients should consider using the protector, the most important being the safety and security they provide. I am so excited to share the news about these products with my ostomy patients. I am recommending them to my patients who need, or want, some added security and support. It is so useful for people who work in various types of jobs like construction, in a factory, or as a counter worker, as well as for various activities such as sports, swimming, gardening, or cooking, and those with children or pets.

Of course, the number one reason for women and men using the Stomaplex is the ability to safely wear a seatbelt. That is the ultimate in security and support.

Reviewed by, Pearl R. Harmany, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Stoma Guard by Stomaplex for comfortable ostomy protection.

Watch Bob tighten his pants directly over his stoma with his ostomy belt protecting his ostomy with a stealth ostomy belt. When you need to wear a suit or any special clothing with an ostomy, the main concern is will the stoma’s flow be restricted by your clothing and flow freely. With the belt and guard the output will flow freely under the guard. This will allow you to tighten the button on your pants and jeans as tight as you want right over the stoma. it is important to dress properly for work in the office if you have an ostomy.

Stealth Ostomy Belt – Low Profile Stoma Guard

Adjust the depth of the ostomy guard to match the height of your stoma.

Adjust the width of the channel in the guard to match the diameter of the stoma.

Adjust the height and width of the external dimensions of the guard to fit your waist and your height measurements.

Stomaplex offers the only guard with this many sizing options.

All Stomaplex guards include the only belt made with elastic microfiber. The belt wicks away moisture. You’ll forget that you have an ostomy.

Stomaplex ostomy guards are TSA approved. There is nothing metallic in these products.

At Stomaplex, you can customize the size of your guard.

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Security by Stomaplex

Stomaplex manufactures contoured stoma protectors for patients that need an ostomy bag holder with an ostomy (ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy) With these guards there will be no pressure on your ostomy. Ostomy belts to improve your confidence and allows you to wear your normal clothing. Great for work in the office, job site, gym or swimming pool.