Stoma Guards by Stomaplex

Stay Active and Be Confident

Are you worried about getting back to work with a colostomy,ileostomy or urostomy?

Does the waistband of your clothing cross over your stoma?

Are you concerned about how you are going to wear your clothes?

Do you need an ostomy support belt with a built in protection?

Do you worry about bumping your stoma?

Are you able to wear your seat belt properly in the car?

Are you stressed about getting ostomy leaks?

About Stomaplex Belts:

Stomaplex LLC designs and manufactures ostomy products for ostomy protection. All of Stomaplex guards work well with Convatec, Coloplast, and Hollister belts and appliances.

Why choose Stomaplex?

Stomaplex is the only guard that is adjustable in four directions.

All Stomaplex guards include the only belt made with elastic microfiber. The belt wicks away moisture. You'll forget that you have an ostomy.

Stomaplex guards are TSA approved. There is nothing metallic in these products.

At Stomaplex, you can customize your size.